In what appears cherish a aged lifetime, I ran a dinky rehabilitation sanatorium in Original York Metropolis.

I had ideally qualified solid credentials for this role and I might perhaps gain a ideally qualified factual quantity of inquiries with out doing any advertising.

After just a few months of doing this, I got wind of 1 other therapist who did the the same component I used to be who used to be charging $400+ per hour.

I believed, “Damn, that is inclined to be ideally qualified!”

But then my wheels began to turn. What if I might perhaps payment $400 per hour?

“I’m better than that man! I might perhaps payment $500!” I belief.

Genuinely, I had considered somewhat a range of his purchasers attain to me after seeing him and I used to be improving outcomes.

I believed, I’m in Original York Metropolis, there are superstar clinical doctors and therapists here charging diagram bigger than $500 an hour, how might perhaps I turn out to be one in every of them?

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What has to happen for me to charge $500 per hour to see a client?

I don’t know why but the second after I asked myself this question, I just decided to go for it and here’s what I did.

First of all, I knew I was good at my job. I wasn’t conning anyone. People were getting insane results when they would come to see me. I helped a lady walk after she had been in a wheelchair for eight months, I wiped out back pain in a taxi driver who had been in debilitating pain for six years and I actually (believe it or not) was able to completely dissolve one of my clients vision problems to the point where he didn’t need glasses anymore. It was crazy.

Most of my clients came from other therapists who just simply were not getting the results, so I knew I was justified in charging expert level prices.

Next, I knew I had to put on the show. I had to play the part of a leading expert in the field. It was a performance.

I rented space in the Trinity Center in Downtown Manhattan. This building was super fancy. It had golden ceilings with mosaic tiling woven into the golden artwork.

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Here are some pictures to give you a sense of what I’m talking about…

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The building had a security desk where you had to check in with security upon arrival, show your ID and get a guest pass to get through the gates. You had to be on the list!

Once you had your guest pass, security would point you to your own elevator where you didn’t have to press any buttons, it would just take you right to your floor. The elevators were beautiful by the way!

When the elevator doors opened on the 18th floor, it opened to a beautiful entry way where reception would greet you, offer you sparkling water, coffee or team and tell you that Mr. Light will be right out to see you.

Once I was notified, I would wait a couple minutes, then walk on out. I was always dressed in slacks and a button-down. My hair was tight and well manicured and I would look them in the eye, shake their hand and confidently escort them back to the room.

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It used to be a performance.

But I knew that I used to be taking half in the role of a main knowledgeable and each step along the job, I justified my designate level.

No one EVERY puzzled my designate. They didn’t check questions. I performed the role and I performed it successfully.

Now take into consideration me charging these costs in a fifth floor stroll-up. No safety. Per chance a buzzer map exterior subsequent to a Dunkin’ Donuts.

Imagine me wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt for the session, which might perhaps be perfectly acceptable, correct no longer the garments of any person charging $500 an hour.

Sooner than lengthy, I had developed a reputation as an knowledgeable and of us have confidence been coming to me and referring family and chums to attain behold me. They’d disclose tales relating to the constructing I used to be in and the total admire stuff I made determined used to be incorporated in the performance.

The loopy component used to be, by the time they really got to peer me, they believed so valuable that they have confidence been seeing the upper of one of the best that getting the consequences used to be greatly more uncomplicated. They had no resistance to my programs or suspicions of my skills, they believed and I delivered.

The takeaway level for industry owners is to think the performance you are inserting on? Are you taking half in the role of an up and comer or and established superstar?

The fashion you location your self available in the market space will be straight tied to how you location money into your monetary institution myth.

Play bigger! Effect aside on a masks!

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