There just isn’t this kind of thing as rivals.

Mountainous companies don’t compete. Nasty agencies invent. So whenever you occur to are disquieted about rivals, what class does your alternate tumble into?

There are three classes that I intend to quickly divulge you by this weblog put up.

Lesson #1: The Class King

Most entrepreneurs that I’ve dealt with get spread out shop by making an development offer.

They’re personal trainers that supply a closer version of training.

Or they are a life coach who had an idea to invent it higher than the coach they had.

Whereas you occur to compose an development offer, you’re straight in rivals. First, you’re in rivals with every diversified newbie entrepreneur. It’s miles human nature to ponder that you may perchance invent higher and this stands out as the first deliver that just about all novices quit up developing their services.

Secondly, you’re in rivals with the class king. As a personal coach, I don’t ponder I are searching for to compete with Equinox and I positively invent no longer are searching for to compete with the costs at Planet Health.

Here’s no longer to shriek that you may perchance’t start a personal training alternate then again it is hopefully vibrant a flashlight on why you’re having a arduous time buying alternate.

Strive to be diversified. It’s miles vital to gash out your dangle class. The entire supreme companies within the enviornment get executed that.

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Jeff Bezos created a new category for how people read. Kindle is the e-reader category king.

Apple created a new category for how people use a cell-phone.

Amazon created a new category with Kindle for how people read.

Tesla re-imagined the way we drive cars.

On a smaller level, because I know what you’re thinking, my doctor re-imagined healthcare by offering a subscription service to his customers so that he could spend more time with each patient and still be compensated fairly. LOVE that!

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Lesson #2: Create Don’t Compete

You could sit down and listen to all 380 podcasts I’ve produced and read every blog I’ve ever written and the greatest skill I could transfer to you is coming up with creative solutions.

There is a way for you to earn a million bucks in 2022. It exists. But it’s not by doing the things that come to mind first. It’s not by doing what everyone else is doing. Everyone is struggling too!

The way to earn a million bucks this year is to creatively figure out how. Meaning, you must create something new.

Most entrepreneurs I work with are “prisoners of precedent.” Meaning they are only comfortable doing tasks that they have seen someone else do. It gives them validation for the internal concerns that “I don’t have any clue what I’m doing.”

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Peleton would not have been as successful had they simply created a better spin bike. They had to CREATE a brand new solution to the working out at home problem!

But doing this, again, puts you into competition. That’s no place to be. When you get yourself to be a creator of new things, you give yourself the opportunity to blow the f*ck up.

As Tony Robbins says, “if you copy what I’m doing today, then you’ll only end up where I was yesterday.”

You’ll always be behind.

And nobody ever started a business to be the third best gym in town!

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Lesson #3: Copycats Cannot Win

My team recently brought to my attention someone who is essentially copying, word for word, what I’m doing in my business.

They asked, “what are we going to do about this?”

My response was, “Who cares? Let him do it. They can never win by copying me.”

Copycats are not creators.

They must have a terribly low sense of confidence in what they are doing to plainly copy what you are doing.

There is a great analogy about competition. It’s like flying a plane. The people competing fly close to the ground because they are scared of being bold. Some may float up into the clouds but the turbulence will likely push them back down.

Then there are the creators. The bold. The great entrepreneurs. They know they cannot succeed flying close to the ground and they know the bumps in the cloud are part of the journey. Instead, they slam the thrust and fly even higher, above the clouds.

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Secure you ever ever flown above the clouds in a airplane? There ain’t no person else up there. Perhaps you gaze every other airplane device out within the distance nonetheless even that is immense uncommon. That’s because above the clouds, there just isn’t this kind of thing as a rivals at that level. All individuals else below you is simply is irrelevant. They can by no manner decide up. They are going to constantly be within the assist of.

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