There’s guide called “The War of Art work” by Steven Pressfield. In it, Pressfield talks about the The Dismay of Success. He says the phobia of success will not be any longer that you just‘re apprehensive that 1,000,000 bucks won’t be all that fab, reasonably it’s what reaching that “millionaire” station will designate you.

In varied words, the phobia of success is the phobia that “turning into a success” diagram which that you just might want to to possibly possibly’t compose all of the issues that you just at the moment love doing. So folks turn out to be complacent.

THIS is your marketing verbalize.

When entrepreneurs show me that they’re battling marketing, it’s continuously the phobia of success retaining them support. They’re hoping to in a technique paste success on high of their contemporary daily life and that merely will not be any longer that which that you just might want to to possibly possibly factor in.

It isn’t complex to search out new potentialities.

Must you occupy supply, that solves a usual verbalize, then folks are going to deserve to grab it from you.

The one most attention-grabbing reasons why entrepreneurs fight with “marketing,” is due to the they concept it was as soon as going to be so a lot more uncomplicated than it no doubt is.

Love I mentioned, getting new potentialities isn’t onerous, nevertheless it does seize all of you to get it.

Right here is my marketing pyramid…

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This is the actual process that I use to consistently get new customers.

High Intent Organic Solutions

This article that you are reading was written by me early on a Monday morning. I sat down and thought, “what is something that I could write about that could really help my followers out?”

I continued that thought, “how can I do it in a way that really delivers for them and isn’t just a post empty of substance?”

When I write this article, I’m genuinely trying to help you. I’m trying to show you a solution to your struggle.

Don’t choose the most popular platform, choose the one that allows you to solve your customers problems at the highest level. This is why I do long form content. It’s hard to deliver business solutions on Tik Tok!

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The cool thing about people, is they are attracted to good vibes and solutions. Everyone is just trying to navigate this life the best way that they know how. Any help is greatly appreciated.

But their guard is up!

There are many charlatans trying to swindle them from their hard earned cash.

The great entrepreneur then, must develop trust and prove that their kind intent supersedes the desire to make a buck.

This is my approach to all organic content. I consistently try to post valuable material that can really help someone get to where they want to be. I don’t hold back “the good stuff,” I simply provide solutions.

People are attracted to that.

Paid Traffic

As you consistently provide valuable content to your audience, you’ll begin to notice that some things work better than others. You’ll find particular types of content that resonate better.

You’ll also find pieces of content that CONVERT better. Meaning, they bring in new customers.

This is where you ignite your funnel with some marketing dollars to increase traffic to an already proven conversion vehicle.

About a year ago, I was testing “hooks.” I made a bunch of Instagram posts to see if which, if any, converted at a high rate.

I made five posts. Here are the first four…

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You’ll notice each of them didn’t do very well in terms of likes.

Then, my fifth, using the loveable Mr. Krabs from Spongebob, I noticed a difference…

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It was clear, that THIS post resonated with my audience significantly better than the others.

What I now had was a proven “hook” that I could use to attract new customers. If I decided to throw $100 to boost this post, it would be a sound business decision because I already had the data to back up that decision.

As I post my High Intent Organic Solutions, I’m always looking for the posts that get the job done. Which post captures the attention best? Where should I send them (a blog post, podcast, landing page? I’ll send them wherever is converting the best).

Strategic Relationships

I was recently on the phone with a client who had generated roughly $10 million in sales.

He said to me, “Sean, everyone knows how to get traffic. You don’t go after the individual fish in the pond, you find the guy who owns the pond and build that relationship.”

If I were friends with Tony Robbins or Gary Vee, and they went on on Instagram and said, “Sean Light is a business genius, you’d be an idiot not to work with him!” I would make a million bucks in forty-five minutes.

It’s well worth the effort to develop those relationships!

>> Rep a Free Reproduction of The Earnings Leap forward Playbook <<

Going after Tony Robbins goes to grab a whereas despite the indisputable fact that. Years doubtlessly! Your native Chamber of Commerce could no longer be so complex. I could possibly race create relationships with the folks who hotfoot my native chamber of commerce and get sharp with native agencies to see how I will support.

This is the ultimate nevertheless most unheard of of the three sections of the pyramid.

Need extra support in constructing an unshakeable commerce? If you happen to be half of our free Facebook community, I will send you a replica of our 30-web page, Earnings Leap forward Playbook. This guide walks you thru, step-by-step leap forward to a bigger stage of earnings.

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