What am I lacking?

I’m rising eminent for my “Amish Hours.” Here is the assign I sit down in silence for one hour and excellent mediate.

Right via these Amish Hours, I mediate on my industry mutter however I also query why I haven’t gotten extra.

I’ll mediate something love, “if Gary Vee used to be working my industry, it might perhaps perchance perhaps well be 50X the size!”

Okay, Gary, I salvage it! Post extra on Tumblr!

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Last night, I listened to one of Russell Brunson’s podcasts where he talked about two friends of his who had essentially the same product. One had done $2 million in revenue and the other $40 million. The products were the same but the process was different.

Russell goes on to say that if he launched a new business and it didn’t hit a million bucks in the first 30 days, he would be super disappointed.

‎The Marketing Secrets Show: Same Product: One $2 Million, One $40 Million on Apple Podcasts

What does he know that I don’t?

Knowing that there are people out there with these answers leads entrepreneurs to want to uncover the tactics. The how!

“Tell me what to do and I’ll do it.”

But that’s missing the point!

A few blocks from my building is a CVS Pharmacy, there is homeless man who sits outside the door asking for change every day. I’ve given him a couple bucks from time to time but he’s always out there.

So, I ask myself, “am I actually helping him or am I hurting him by giving him money?”

Giving him money does not solve the problem of not having a way to earn money.

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Giving the entrepreneur the tactic is not solving the problem of the way you think.

This is EXACTLY why I read books like this. They get me to think in different ways. If there is anything I’ve learned in my time as an entrepreneur, it’s that your power to succeed is your focus and thought.

It’s the classic give the man fish or teach the man to fish dilemma.

For entrepreneurs the solution is to think differently. The reason Russell Brunson would be able to succeed at a higher level than me is because he thinks differently. My attack then, should be opening my mind to different ways of thinking! That’s the solution.

I don’t have the answers to unlocking this higher level thought process but here’s what I’m going to try…

First, I’m going to consume their content. The more I listen to what they are saying the more likely I am to get some rub-off. Maybe a golden nugget or two can unlock something in my brain!

Secondly, I’m going to try new stuff. The great teachers are failure and experience. The primary reason for their altered thought process is because they have travelled the path. I must be aggressive about trying new things and having experiences. That’s probably the quickest way to a new thought process.

Third, I’m going to try to get more out of my coach. I want to have more conversations. I want to know what he is reading and working on and why. What does he know that I don’t! I think it’s important for everyone to have a coach or mentor. Someone further along on your path that can help you see what you cannot.

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Creator’s Point to: One more glaring response is, “how attain I salvage Russell Brunson or Gary Vee to search at my industry and give me advice.”

I basically mediate that is seemingly to be a huge destroy of cash and right here’s why. I mediate they would explain you basically celebrated and clear-gash stuff. I mediate within the occasion you read Russell’s books, or Gary’s books, I basically mediate that’s their easiest advice. I don’t agree with they’ve a treasure trove of secrets that they easiest portion with their perfect level clients.

I agree with the secret sauce to what they attain is that they salvage the fundamentals better and extra repeatedly than somebody else.

Must you paid Russell $500,000 to talk over with your industry, I mediate all the things he told it is possible you’ll perhaps well seemingly be mammoth easy, you supreme might perhaps perchance well pay extra consideration since you dropped half a million on the session.

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